My Top 10 List of Unsolved Crimes


I’ve compiled my own top ten list of fascinating yet unsolved crimes. Some are quite well-known, others maybe not so much. What do you think? Let me know which unsolved crimes would make your list…

In no particular order:

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The Moral Dilemma of a Real-Life Dexter Morgan

The moral dilemma of a real-life Dexter Morgan

Work for the Miami Police Department? Tick.

Kill bad guys in his spare time? Tick.

Claim you’re doing a good deed for society? Tick.

I’m not referring to the character Dexter from the successful television series of the same name. I’m talking about a real man by the name of Manuel Pardo.

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Serial Killer Smackdown #2


Son Of Sam –v– The Zodiac Killer

In the yellow corner, we have the curly-haired, demon-possessed, David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam with a record of 6 dead by gunshot, 7 wounded.

In the black corner, the cryptic, mysterious, date-interrupting, yet to be identified Zodiac, with 5 killings and a further 37 unsubstantiated. Zodiac, if you’d like to present me with your real name for the entry announcement, just leave a message…

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A Matter of Life or Death


I have been inundated with a flood of news articles, tweets, opinion pieces, and Facebook posts about capital punishment and the loudest, most bellowing of opinions are voiced by those who oppose it. I’m part of the minority when I say I would not oppose the death penalty returning to Australian shores. But it should only be used for the most heinous of crimes, and it should be used sparingly.

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Alex Kidd – The murderous little bastard


Alex Kidd – The murderous little bastard

He was armed with a brutal fist, and occasionally throwing darts. THROWING DARTS!

Many of us grew up controlling this little psycho for hours on end. We’d smile with glee as we directed him this way and that so he could go about his murderous rampage, punching things, and stealing bags of money from crates that surely belonged to someone else. For those of you who weren’t as cool, you were jumping and dodging the barrels and fireballs hurled by the sociopathic Donkey Kong, or helping Super Mario stomp on his enemies a la Derek Vinyard in American History X. If the brutal stomping didn’t work, Mario could revert to fireballs as a handy alternative.

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Outlaws Outlawed

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Bikies associating with other bikies? Nuh-uh.

Bikies drinking alcohol in their clubhouse? Nope.

Bikies playing pool in their clubhouse? NO WAY!

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Serial Killer Smackdown #1

bundy and dahmer

No mucking about and no undercard. First week up, I’m going straight to the heavyweights!


Bundy was a charmer. He was handsome, charismatic, kind, and not long before the destruction started, he enrolled in University as a psych major. But the rejection from a former girlfriend saw it all go downhill very quickly…

Dahmer might rhyme with charmer but he was far from it. He was a loner, outcast, and homosexual to boot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (sorry Seinfeld). But he had an appetite for flesh, bone, skulls, acid, sex and body parts…

This bout will go all the way folks. Here they come…

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Creatively Criminal – Welcome!

This is my home to fuse my love of writing with my fascination of all things criminal. You’ll be immersed in fact, fiction, features & folly. Plus plenty more to ponder & discuss!

The opinion pieces will be largely Australian-influenced, but it would be remiss of me to ignore events and history from all over the world.

Healthy debate and critical commentary is absolutely encouraged!

Stay vigilant viewers…