Beware the bite of the black widow

There is little doubt the male species dominate the serial killer landscape, accounting for approximately 90%. However 10% of female serial killers is still a significant figure and it would be unwise to completely neglect this species of evildoers. It’s not like they don’t exist. But how many names can you rattle off the top of your head? Continue reading


The Moral Dilemma of a Real-Life Dexter Morgan

The moral dilemma of a real-life Dexter Morgan

Work for the Miami Police Department? Tick.

Kill bad guys in his spare time? Tick.

Claim you’re doing a good deed for society? Tick.

I’m not referring to the character Dexter from the successful television series of the same name. I’m talking about a real man by the name of Manuel Pardo.

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Serial Killer Smackdown #2


Son Of Sam –v– The Zodiac Killer

In the yellow corner, we have the curly-haired, demon-possessed, David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam with a record of 6 dead by gunshot, 7 wounded.

In the black corner, the cryptic, mysterious, date-interrupting, yet to be identified Zodiac, with 5 killings and a further 37 unsubstantiated. Zodiac, if you’d like to present me with your real name for the entry announcement, just leave a message…

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Serial Killer Smackdown #1

bundy and dahmer

No mucking about and no undercard. First week up, I’m going straight to the heavyweights!


Bundy was a charmer. He was handsome, charismatic, kind, and not long before the destruction started, he enrolled in University as a psych major. But the rejection from a former girlfriend saw it all go downhill very quickly…

Dahmer might rhyme with charmer but he was far from it. He was a loner, outcast, and homosexual to boot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (sorry Seinfeld). But he had an appetite for flesh, bone, skulls, acid, sex and body parts…

This bout will go all the way folks. Here they come…

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