Burqas don’t kill people. People kill people.

“Frankly I wish it was not worn.”

That was the mind-blowing statement from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on October 1, 2014 about women wearing burqas on Australian shores.

Yep. 2014.

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Targeting Australia’s attempt at gun control

In the wake of another school shooting in the United States, the ongoing debate about gun control has predictably flared up for the billionth time. The issue will eventually scatter away into the darkness, just long enough for people to kind of forget what happened, before another school shooting will command the spotlight yet again.

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The Moral Dilemma of a Real-Life Dexter Morgan

The moral dilemma of a real-life Dexter Morgan

Work for the Miami Police Department? Tick.

Kill bad guys in his spare time? Tick.

Claim you’re doing a good deed for society? Tick.

I’m not referring to the character Dexter from the successful television series of the same name. I’m talking about a real man by the name of Manuel Pardo.

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Alex Kidd – The murderous little bastard


Alex Kidd – The murderous little bastard

He was armed with a brutal fist, and occasionally throwing darts. THROWING DARTS!

Many of us grew up controlling this little psycho for hours on end. We’d smile with glee as we directed him this way and that so he could go about his murderous rampage, punching things, and stealing bags of money from crates that surely belonged to someone else. For those of you who weren’t as cool, you were jumping and dodging the barrels and fireballs hurled by the sociopathic Donkey Kong, or helping Super Mario stomp on his enemies a la Derek Vinyard in American History X. If the brutal stomping didn’t work, Mario could revert to fireballs as a handy alternative.

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