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My criminal fascination is almost… well, criminal. Psychology, public policy, law, courts, research, serial killers, sociology, morality, and anything else that polarises opinion and fuels debate. I’m not sure how it all started – neither mum or dad was known to have chopped up limbs or drowned babies in bathtubs. And I’ve always been kind to pets, never lit a fire, and I don’t remember wetting my bed as a kid…

Should we have the death penalty in Australia? Do you agree with convicted felons getting early release from prison? Should marijuana be legalised? Or gay marriage? What about the crackdown on OMCG’s? Do you think serial killers are glorified? How long should someone get in prison for a fatal king-hit? Do we ban guns or focus on those using them?

This blog will *mostly* cover these issues, but I will add some top ten lists, serial killer smackdowns, and whatever else comes to mind. I find most facets of Criminology incredibly interesting, fascinating, and frustrating in equal measures.

I want YOU to participate and debate. Throw forward your ideas and let’s have a healthy discussion! Even if you feel your comment doesn’t contribute, I don’t care, post it anyway!

I’m studying Criminology at Griffith University in Australia, and to steer me away from rigid essays and excessive referencing, this is my outlet, where my opinion and other light-hearted discussion will emerge and prosper.

Stay vigilant…


p.s You can also find me on Instagram (criminologyinoz), or twitsville (criminologyinoz). I also recently released an app by the same name, which is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. I’m currently working on a serial killer index which will be loaded to it before Xmas.


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